The Four Steps to Quickly Get Through a Breakdown!

Breakdowns SUCK! Like really, really suck! I know because I just went through one and lost my footing for a good five days... so here I am- on the other side and ready to share how I got through it.... here are the 4 steps to quickly get through a breakdown.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Breakdown and thank it for being here. Trying to side-step it, ignore it or numb it doesn't make it disappear. Own that sh**, its there for a reason. Ask Yourself- What is there for me to learn here? This is one of the fastest ways to move from frustration and fear to gratitude. How can I get through this and why was this unique challenge given to me? I know the person I will be on the other side is going to be wiser and more confident because of this breakdown.

Step 2: Don't React. When a breakdown happens we immediately have a reaction- anger, frustration, annoyance, fear, doubt... That Is Normal! Just don't start taking ACTION IN A REACTION. Acknowledge the breakdown, let your reaction pass, move to step 3.

Step 3: Get to Higher Ground. Know what people, activities and actions get you back to your grounded, clear, confident self. I know for me, I have friends that can always offer an objective, gentle insight. Yoga and exercise help me get out anxiety and anger and I leave class refreshed and grounded. A good-nights sleep does wonders for my clarity and energy!

Step 4: Focus on what you want and take action there. Typically in a breakdown we get focused on fixing or changing what is wrong. The problem with this is that it keeps us locked into the problem. Try focusing on what you want. This problem is further clarifying for me what I don't want, which in turn, helps crystallize what I do want.

In focusing on what you do want: peace, confidence, love, connection, etc. You expand your experience of those things and you might discover a creative way to navigate the breakdown OR find that the thing you thought was such a problem was not even that big a deal to begin with!

What breakdowns are you dealing with? How do you get through them? Comment below or sign-up to get complimentary coaching around something you're dealing with by clicking the link.