The Reason You Aren't Hitting Your Health and Wellness Goals

Lately I have been attracting clients that are struggling with weight. People who are sick of yo-yo dieting and losing the weight just to gain it all back. People that want to be able to lose weight and not be restricted in lifestyle. I completely resonate with this journey because that was also me. 

One of the most frustrating parts of discussing weight problems today is that we have no shortage of solutions: diets, information, healthy eating programs, etc… So why do we have ALL the information we seemingly need and still aren’t getting the results we want? 

I believe its because we are addressing the wrong problem.

We are telling ourselves and others to change the behavior- “eat this, not that” try this workout, try that cleanse, do that program. We try it… we get results for the first few weeks but then we get burnt out, we get tempted at a party, WE JUST WANT A FREAKING PIZZA!! So we quit and a few weeks later we are right back where we started. 

Now whats interesting is that we failed to do the fundamental work required to experience a lasting transformation. We look to the behavior and change that but we didn’t examine what is behind the behavior. In other words we fail to examine WHY we take the actions we take.

Think of it this way- before we engage in any action, conversation, choice, what happens? 
We have a thought - we have a thought, that creates an emotional response and then we take an action in alignment with that thought. Now if we were really to get honest with ourselves most of us probably don’t have the most empowering thoughts about our bodies…

“I’m not strong enough to do that.” 

“I’m just a heavier person.”

“I’m disgusting.”

“I’m never going to be able to lose this weight”

So if these are the thoughts behind our emotions and feelings wouldn’t it be natural that we would give up?

If I have the thought that “I’m disgusting” the natural emotional response would be frustration, heaviness or shame and the natural action would be choosing foods that are a match for shame and heaviness. 

If I have a thought that “I’m just a heavier person” I might feel stuck or resigned so the natural action would be to do nothing.

So there is an opportunity here- if you get really straight with yourself, what thoughts have you been having about your body? What conversations are you engaged in about your health? and what would start to open up for you if you could shift that?

I know that I didn’t have any lasting results until I really dove in and started to clean up the mean, nasty, disempowering thoughts I had about myself and my body. It took some brutal honesty, vulnerability and being willing to let others support me and the payoff is completely worth it.

I can honestly say I work-out because I LOVE sweating and moving my body. I enjoy eating healthy foods and I also love my mexican and pizza nights. I feel free and healthy in body and I no longer worry that I’m going to gain all that weight back.

If you are ready to spend 3-weeks cleaning out negative and limiting thoughts in your life, with the support of a team and lead by myself- check out my group coaching program starting next month.