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Elani is a life and business coach that has been working in people development for the past seven years. She began her career with lululemon athletica in New York City where she became a regional trainer in people management, communication skills and goal-setting. Elani was introduced to transformational development work through Landmark Worldwide, a personal and professional development program where she was trained in transformational coaching technology. After leaving lululemon to start her own practice, Elani relocated to Denver, CO. She now works with businesses and individuals to achieve optimal results in career, relationships and personal wellbeing.

Elani's journey into coaching and people development began with the healing of an eating disorder, anxiety and panic attacks.  After her own exploration of therapy, medication and mainstream approaches to healing,  Elani discovered the effectiveness of personal development and transformational work. Using meditation, visualization and energetic release created massive breakthroughs in her career, health and overall life experience! Through her own growth came the dedication to share this knowledge with others. She currently travels the country giving workshops, working with businesses, and providing personalized programs for one-on-one clients. For more information on becoming a client go here.



Life and Business Coach,  Elani Nicole Coaching Services

Pushing Progress Contemporary Dance, Director of  Personal and Professional Development

lululemon athletica, Regional Trainer for New York City, Community Development Manager

Landmark Worldwide, Coach with the Self Expression and Leadership Program