For Teams:

I empower individuals and communities to transform their lives by cultivating clarity of purpose
I partner with teams and businesses seeking growth, development and transformation. I create workshops and programming specific to your goals and culture, designed to support your people’s overall engagement and satisfaction.  We know that the workforce mindset is shifting: employees are increasingly valuing purpose over paychecks, by investing in your people they are invested in their long-term growth with you and your organization!
You can invest in transforming your team through the below approaches or combinations of programs:

Business Development: This program targets the integration of company and employee goals for mutually beneficial growth and development. Employees will clarify their individual strengths, values and longterm professional goals. They will then create a plan for integrating those in to the larger goals of your organization. This program will increase:

  • Employee Performance

  • Employee Leadership

  • Team Communication

  • Team Efficiency

Leadership Development: This program is intended for one-on-one coaching with your organization’s leaders. Company culture is most effective when lived from the top down. One-on-one coaching for leaders will impact:

  • Clarity of company mission, vision, and values

  • Clarity and efficiency around team goal achievement

  • Effective communication to drive results

  • Employee engagement and loyalty