Foundational Program: 

This 8-week program dismantles subconscious beliefs and habitual ways of being in the world leaving you freed up to envision and achieve the life you want.

How It Works: Transforming our negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, naturally alters our habits and actions. By engaging with new thoughts and new actions, our experience of life shifts. Whether you want to focus on your career,  your relationships or your health and well-being, when you transform the source of your action in the world, life transforms in all areas. 

Step 1: Sessions 1-4 focus on identifying and dismantling your disempowering beliefs, stories, and perceptions of self and the world. This step is paramount to you accessing your personal next level in any aspect of life. We need space for new thought patterns and this cannot be created without first moving old ways of thinking, being and acting.

Step 2: Sessions 5 & 6 focus on the identification and creation of your personal vision. Utilizing the freedom and clarity created from the first four sessions, you will trust your internal guidance system in outlining a framework for the life you want. This life is typically surprising and beyond what we thought we wanted or thought possible because we are operating from a new space, no longer constrained by past-based beliefs. This vision is reflective of your personal gifts, strengths, dreams and aspirations.

Step 3: Sessions 7 & 8 create the final outline and actions for your coming year. You create measurable results that reflect what you discover in Step 2, leaving you excited, confident and lit up for your year and life ahead.

Included in Your Program:

  • Eight, 1-hour individualized sessions
  • Unlimited email access in between sessions
  • Homework tailored to your individual goals and needs between sessions
  • Option to continue work with Elani after program

What You Can Expect From Your Program:

  • Increase in second level awareness: the ability to observe thought and actively choose what thoughts to engage with
  • Clarity and confidence in your direction and choices
  • An increased level of connection and peace in your relationships
  • An increase in personal power and leadership